Fort La Bosse Policy Section Selection

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Section A : Foundations and Basic Commitments
Section B : School Board Governance and Operations
Section C : General School Administration
Section D : Fiscal Management
Section E : Support Services
Section F : Facilities Planning and Development
Section G : Personnel
Section H : Negotiations
Section I : Instruction
Section J : Students
Section K : School-Community-Home Relations
Job Descriptions

Drug-Free Workplace

Reimbursement To Staff for Inservice Activities

Fort La Bosse School Division Policies

Section A

Foundations and Basic Commitments

Code Descriptor Last Review
AA(R)  School Division Legal Status 2023
AB The People And Their School Division 2023
AC Equal Opportunity 2023
ACF Respect for Human Diversity* 2023
ACG(R)(E) Accessibility 2017
AD Division Mission and Values* 2016
ADC(R) Tobacco-Free Schools 2016
ADD Safe Schools 2016
AE Commitment to Accomplishment* 2016
AEB(R) Recognition for Accomplishment 2017
AEBA* Recognition of Convalescence or Bereavement* 2016

Section B

School Board Governance and Operations

Code Descriptor Last Review
BA School Board Operational Goals 2017
BAA(R) Evaluation of the School Board 2017
BB School Board Legal Status 2018
BBA Board Powers and Responsibilities 2017
BBAA Board Member Authority And Responsibilities 2017
BBAB Board Signing Authority 2017
BBB(R) Board Membership-Elections/Appointments 2017
BBBA Board Member Qualifications 2017
BBBB(E) Board Member Oath of Office 2017
BBBC Board Member Resignation 2017
BBBD Board Member Removal From Office 2017
BBBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment 2017
BCA Board Member Code of Ethics 2017
BCB Board Member Conflicts of Interest 2017
BDA Board Organizational Meeting 2017
BDD Board-Superintendent Relationship 2017
BDE(R) Board Committees 2017
BDFA* Canupawakpa Dakota Nation/Fort La Bosse Liaison Committee 2017
BDG School Attorney/Legal Services 2017
BE School Board Meetings 2017
BEA Regular Board Meetings 2020
BEB Special Board Meetings 2017
BED Meeting Procedures/ByLaws 2017
BEDB Agenda 2017
BEDH Public Participation At Board Meetings 2017
BEDI News Media Services At Board Meetings 2017
BEDK Reporting Board Meeting Minutes 2017
BEE(R) Board hearings/Appeal Proceedings 2017
BG School Board Policy Process 2017
BGC Policy Development, Revision And Review 2017
BGD Board Review of Regulations 2017
BGE Policy Communication 2017
BGF Suspension/Repeal of Policy 2017
BIA New Board Member Orientation 2017
BIB Board Member Development Opportunities 2017
BIBA Board Member Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops 2017
BIC Board Facilities And Services 2017
BIE Board Member Insurance 2017
BKA Liaison with School Board Associations 2017

Section C

General School Administration

Code Descriptor Last Review
CB School Superintendent  2017
CBB Recruitment of Superintendent  2017
CBC Superintendent Powers and Responsibilities 2017
CBG Superintendent’s Professional Development Opportunities 2017
CBI Evaluation of Superintendent  2017
CC Administrative Organization 2017
CCA Organization Chart 2018
CCB Line and Staff Relations 2017
CCC Staffing Formula  2017
CD Senior Administration* 2017
CF School Building Administration 2017
CFI(R) Video Surveillance 2017
CG Special Programs Administration 2017
CGCA Hutterian Transition Program 2017
CGCA-E Hutterian Transition Program 2017
CGCB IT Department* 2017
CGCB-R ICT Administration Guidelines* 2017
CGE* New Projects or Programs* 2017
CHD Administration in Absence of Policy 2017
CI Temporary Administrative Assignments 2017
CL Administrative Reports 2017

Section D

Fiscal Management

Code Descriptor Last Review
DB Annual Budget 2017
DBC(R) Budget Planning 2017
DBE Communication of Budget Recommendations 2017
DBI Budget Implementation 2017
DBJ(R) Schools Surplus/Deficit* 2017
DC Taxing and Borrowing 2018
DFF(R) Income from School Sales, Services and Fund Raising* 2018
DGA Authorized Signatures 2018
DIC Financial Reports and Statements 2018
DID Inventories 2018
DIE Audits 2018
DJA Purchasing Authority 2018
DJAA* Purchase of Materials from the USA 2018
DJAB* Purchase of Equipment Funded By The Vocational Equipment Replacement Grant* 2018
DJB Purchasing Procedures 2018
DJF Local/Competitive Purchasing 2018
DJFA* Business Dealings with the Division by Employees of the Division* 2018
DJG Vendor Relations
DJGA Sales Calls and Demonstrations 2018
DK Payment Procedures 2018
DKC Expense Authorization/Reimbursement 2018
DKCA* Mileage Allowance*
DKCB* Compensation for Division Office Senior Administration Expenses* 2018
DM Cash in School Buildings 2018
DN School Properties Disposition 2018

Section E

Support Services

Code Descriptor Last Review
EBA Buildings And Grounds Inspections 2018
EBB Accident Prevention And Safety Procedures 2018
EBBAA* Handling Bodily Fluids* 2018
EBBB(E) Accident Reports 2018
EBBBA Violence Prevention 2019
EBC Emergencies 2018
EBCA Emergency Plan* 2018
EBCB(R) Fire Drills* 2018
EBCE School Closings And Cancellations 2018
EBCEA* Adverse Weather Policy* 2022
EB(R) Workplace Safety & Health 2018
ECAB Access to Buildings 2018
ECAC Vandalism
ECAD Personal Property Replacement* 2018
EDC(R)(E) Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials and Equipment 2018
EDD Material and Equipment Records and Reports 2018
EEA Student Transportation
EEAA Walkers and Riders 2018
EEAB Personalized Transportation Plan 2018
EEAC Bus Scheduling And Routing 2018
EEAE(E) Bus Safety Program 2018
EEAEC Student Conduct on Buses 2018
EEAEF* Transporting Items on School Buses* 2018
EEAF(E) Special Use of Buses
EEAFA(R)(E) Extracurricular or Field Trips* 2018
EEAG(R)(E) Student Transportation in Private Vehicles 2018
EEAAA Urban Bus Stops 2018
EEBAA* Use of Division Vehicles 2018
EEBC Business And Personnel Transportation Insurance 2018
EF Food Services 2018
EFB Healthy Foods In Schools & Offices* 2018
EHBA(R)(E) School Division Records Management* 2018

Section F

Facilities Planning and Development

Code Descriptor Last Review
FA Facilities Development Goals And Objectives 2018
FB Facilities Planning 2018
FBB Enrollment Projections 2018
FCB(R) School Review* 2019
FCBA* Grade Reduction* 2018
FCC Temporary School Facilities 2018
FEDA Site Plans 2018
FEG Construction Contracts Bidding and Awards 2018
FEI(R) Construction/Repair/Removal of Recreational Facilities* 2018
FF Naming Facilities 2018
FH Staff Orientation To New Facilities 2018

Section G


Code Descriptor Last Review
GBA Open Hiring/Equal Opportunity Employment And Affirmative Action 2018
GBAA Harassment 2018
GBAC* Recruitment, Selection, Placement on Scale And Resignation of Instructional And Non-Instructional Personnel* 2018
GBCB* Staff Over Payment of Wages* 2018
GBEA Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest 2018
GBEB Staff Conduct 2018
GBEC Drug-Free Workplace 2018
GBGAA* Employees With HIV/AIDS* 2018
GBGCA* Death of Student Or Staff Member* 2018
GBI Staff Participation in Political Activities 2018
GBJ Personnel Records and Files 2018
GBJA(E1,E2) Confidential Information and Disclosure of Information 2018
GBK Staff Concerns/Complaints 2019
GBO Pledge of Confidentiality 2018
GCA Division Staff Positions* 2018
GCBB Compensation For Senior Administrative Personnel* 2018
GCBDB* Insurance Plans* 2018
GCCAB Staff Extended Leave of Absence* 2018
GCDB Senior Administrative Vacations and Holidays* 2018
GCEC Posting and Advertising of Staff Vacancies* 2018
GCGA(R) Qualifications for Substitute Teachers* 2011
GCI Professional Development 2018
GCIF(E) Reimbursement To Staff for Inservice Activities 2018
GCK*(R) Teaching Staff Assignments And Transfers 2018
GCMC Staff Meetings* 2018
GCO(E) Evaluation of Teaching Staff* 2018
GCOA Evaluation of Senior Administration And Other Staff* 2018
GCU Professional Staff Membership in Professional Organizations 2018
GDC Compassionate Leave 2019
GDCA Non-Unionized Support Staff Sick Leave* 2018
GDCB Staff Personal Leave* 2018
GDCCA* Family Medical Leave* 2018
GDCE Support Staff Conferences/Visitations/Workshops 2018
GDD Support Staff Vacations and Holidays 2019
GDD-R Non Unionized Support Staff Vacation Schedule 2019
GDGB Arrangements For Operations Support Staff Substitutes* 2018
GDI Support Staff Probation And Seniority 2018
GDO Evaluation Of Support Staff 2018
GDP(R) Support Staff Promotions And Reclassification 2018
GDQ Support Staff Termination of Employment 2019
GDQA School Support Staff Layoff* 2012
GDQD Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff 2019

Section H


Code Descriptor Last Review
HA Negotiations Goals and Objectives 2019
HF School Board Negotiating Agents 2019
HHE Employee Negotiating Organizations 2019
HK Release of Negotiations Information 2019
HL Preliminary Negotiated Agreement Disposition 2019

Section I


Code Descriptor Last Review
ID School Day 2019
IE Organization of Instruction 2019
IF Instructional Approach 2019
IGA(R) Curriculum Development 2019
IGB Curriculum Research 2019
IGC Pilot Projects 2019
IGD Curriculum Adoption 2019
IHAE* Physical Education/Health Curriculum 2019
IHAEA* Risk Management for Out of Class Physical Activity 2012
IHAGA* Band Program 2019
IHAQ(E) Co-operative Work Experience* 2002
IHAQA*(E1)(E2)(E3)(E4) High School Apprenticeship Option* 2019
IHBA Student Services 2019
IHBAA Early Identification 2019
IHBF Homebound Instruction 2012
IHBG Home Schooling 2012
IHBHA Alternative Schools 2012
IHBJ*(R)(E) School Initiated Courses (SIC); Student Initiated Projects (SIP)* 2012
IHC(E1,E2,E3) Extended Instructional Programs 2012
IHD Adult/Evening Classes* 2012
IHDA Adult Basic Education 2012
IHDAA* Adult Education* 2012
IIJ Individual Programs 2013
IJJ(E) Textbook Selection and Adoption 2012
IJNC School Library/Resource Cente 2012
IJNDB(R)(E) Internet Acceptable Use* 2020
IJNDC(R)(E) Website/Webpage Content* 2012
IJOA (R)(E1,E2,E3,E4,E5)(E-1)(E-2)(E-3) Field Trips 2012
IJOAA(E) Field Trips-Foreign Travel* 2012
IJOB Community Resource Persons/Speakers 2012
IJOC School Volunteers 2012
IJOCA* The Use of Community Volunteers As Extra-Curricular Supervisors* 2012
IJOD School Related Activities 2012
IKA(E) Student Assessment and Evaluation Manual 2016
IKB Homework 2012
IKEA Classroom Expectations of High School Students* 2012
IKF Graduation Requirements 2012
IKFB Graduation Exercises 2012
IKFC* Marks Transcripts (Student Requests)* 2012
ILBB Provincial Program Assessments 2012
IMB Teaching About Controversial/Sensitive Issues 2012
IMBA(E1, E2) Challenge for Credit Option* 2012
IMBAA(E1)* Community Service Credit Student Initiated Project 2003
IMC Controversial Speakers/Programs 2012
IMDA Patriotic Exercises 2012
IMDAA Patriotic Observances 2021
IMDB Flag Displays 2012
IMDC(R) Religious Exercises* 2012
IMI School Store 2012
IMIA*(R)(E1,E2) Shop Fees for Power Mechanics* 2001

Section J


Code Descriptor Last Review
JC(R)(E) School Catchment Areas* 2012
JE Student Attendance 2014
JE-R Student Attendance -Exhibit 2012
JEA Compulsory Attendance Ages 2014
JEB Entrance Age Requirements 2012
JEBB-E Interprovincial Border Public School 2012
JEC*(R) Attendance Policy for High School Students* 2012
JFA(E) Admission Procedures 2012
JFAA Admission of Resident Students 2012
JFAB Admission of Non-Resident Students 2012
JFABA(R)(E) Non-Resident Fees* 2012
JFABB(R)(E) Admission of Foreign and Exchange Students 2012
JFABC Admission of Transfer Students 2012
JFB(R)(E) School of Choice* 2017
JFBB Inter-Provincial Choice* 2012
JFC Student Withdrawal from School 2012
JGA Student Placement 2012
JH Attendance Policy 2012
JHB(R) Truancy 2012
JHC Release Time for Students 2012
JIB Student Involvement in Decision Making 2012
JIBA Student Government 2012
JICC(R)(E) Student Conduct on School Buses (also EEAEC) 2012
JICE Student Publications 2012
JICFB Cyberbullying 2012
JICH(R)(E) Drug and Alcohol Use by Students 2012
JICJ Cell Phone/Paging Device/Electronic Communication Devices 2012
JID Students of Legal Age 2012
JIH Student Interrogations, Searches and Arrests 2012
JIHA(E) Locker Searches 2012
JIHD*(R)(E) Interrogations/Interviews of Students* 2012
JIHE*(R) Searches of Students and their Possessions* 2012
JIHF*(R)(E) Arrest/Apprehension of Students* 2012
JII Student Concerns, Complaints and Grievances 2012
JJ Student Activities (co-curricular and Extracurricular) 2012
JJBA* School Dances* 2012
JJC Student Performances 2012
JJE Student Fund-Raising Activities 2012
JJI Student Athletics 2012
JJIB Interscholastic Sports 2012
JK Code of Conduct 2014
JK-R Code of Conduct – Regulations 2014
JKA Corporal Punishment 2012
JKB Suspensions 2012
JKC Expulsions 2012
JKD Safe and Respectful Schools -Use of Seclusion in Schools


JLA Student Insurance Programs 2012
JLCC Communicable/Infectious & Diseases 2016
JLCCA Students Blood Borne Infections 2013
JLCCB* Anaphylactic Students 2012
JLCD(E1)(E2)(E3) Medical Assistance 2013
JLDA Clinician Services* 2007
JLDBB(E) Violence Threat Risk Assessment of Sudent Behaviour (VTRA) 2017
JLDBD(R) Child Abuse 2012
JLF(E) Reporting Child Abuse 2012
JLIA Supervision of Students  2012
JLIB Student Dismissal Precautions 2012
JLIC Safety Patrols 2012
JLIF(R)(E1)(E2) Physical Restraint 2013
JM Student Awards, Honours and Scholarships 2012
JMB* Miss Myrtle Lane Bursary* 2012
JQ Student Fees, Fines and Charges 2012
JRA(R) Student Records 2012

Section K

School, Community, and Home Relations

Code Descriptor Last Review
KA School-Community Relations Goals and Objectives 2012
KBE Relations with Parent Organizations 2012
KCB Community Involvement in Decision Making 2012
KDB Public’s Right to Know/Freedom of Information 2012
KDD Media Relations 2012
KDDA Press Releases, Conferences and Interviews 2016
KEA Public Concerns/Complaints About Policies 2012
KEB Public Concerns/Complaints About Personnel 2012
KEC Public Concerns/Complaints About The Curriculum or Instructional Materials 2012
KED(R)  Public Disputes About Student Service Programming or Placement 2013
KF(R)(E) Community Use of School Facilities 2013
KFA Public Conduct On School Property 2012
KGD Business and Industry Donations/Joint Ventures with Schools 2012
KH Solicitations In Schools 2012
KHA Public Solicitations in Schools 2012
KHB Advertising in Schools 2012
KI Visitors to Schools 2012
KJ Relations with Community Organizations 2012
KLFA* Ice Skating Rink Rental* 2012
KLN* Relations with Political Organizations* 2012

Section L

Education and Agency Relations

LA Education Agency Relations Goals and Objectives 2012
LB Relations with Other Schools, Public And Private Authorities, School Systems* 2012
LD Relations with Colleges and Universities 2012
LDA Student Teaching and Internships 2012
LI Professional Visitors And Observers 2012

Job Descriptions

Administrative Assistant
Classroom Teacher
Accounts Payable Administrator
Administrator of Student Services & Strategic Initiatives
Coordinator of Instruction, Curriculum & Technology (ICT)
Educational Assistant
IT Assistant (IT1)
IT Technician(IT2)

Senior IT Technician(IT3)
Network Technician(IT3)
In-School Administrative Assistant JobDescription
Library Clerk
Payroll Administrator
Physical & Occupational Therapy Clinician Staff
School Administrator
School Counselor
School Psychologist
Speech & Language Clinician
Stay In School Coordinator
Student Support Worker
Superintendent of Schools
Supervisor of Operations