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Virden Music and Arts Festival – 2023

2023 Digital General Entry form 

2023 Addendum

Internet Safety
Welcome to, your online source for everything textual. Getthe 411 on texting and relationships, including healthy vs. unhealthyrelationships, how to deal with harassment, and how to cope withstress. Through a variety of games and activities you can test yourtexting knowledge, find out how to use this great technology safely,and learn what to do when someone crosses the line. Sign the iChoose!Declaration and let the world know that you choose respect in yourtextual relationships!

The Door That’s Not Locked
Welcome, parents, to The Door That’s Not Locked website! The web is a wonderful place, if you understand the dangers. While the Internet is like an open door to a world of great information, communication and entertainment, it can also be a direct passageway to danger. The Canadian Centre is committed to helping parents, teachers, and anyone else who would like to better understand the good, the bad, and the ugly about the web. We’re here to help keep kids safe while exploring and enjoying The Door that’s not Locked. This website has been created to provide you with a one-stop-shop on all things related to Internet safety.

School Related

HED Insurance Group’s Student Accident Insurance
(Provides comprehensive coverage for your child and is endorsed by the Manitoba School Boards Association.)

The primary purpose of multidisciplinary Violence, Threat, Risk Assessment (VTRA) is to identify indicators that suggest a student may be moving on a pathway towards violence against him/herself or others and intervene to decrease that risk, prevent injury, and support the student in receiving the help necessary to address the issues contributing to the high-risk behaviour.

Aboriginal Identity Declaration
(Student forms that are to be completed in the fall.)

Internet Safety
(Tips on helping keep your kids safe in a “Net Generation”)

Fort La Bosse School Libraries
(Search your local school’s library for books)

Manitoba Association of Parent Councils
MAPC is a non-profit volunteer organization committed to supporting, promoting, and enhancing meaningful involvement of parents and caregivers within school communities, representing their voice to all educational stakeholders to improve the education and well-being of children in Manitoba.

Secondary Education

(Find information on more than 700 universities, colleges and career colleges in Canada, including admission requirements, costs, programs and contact details.)

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
(Canadian universities offer undergraduate and graduate programs in many fields. Rather than browsing through all the Web sites of Canadian universities, search our comprehensive database. It contains over 10,000 program records. From the search results, you can click through directly to more detailed program information on the university Web sites)

Association of Canadian Community Colleges
(ACCC maintains a database of Full-time Programs offered at its 150 member colleges and institutes.)

(A source for students interested in information on Canadian Career Colleges. – Canada’s most comprehensive scholarship portal. Search through our extensive database to find scholarships, student awards, bursaries and grants. You’ll also find information about student loans, applications and budget planning.)

( offers you access to over 50,000 US/Canadian university and college program department sites covering over 300 fields of study.)

Canadian Virtual University
(A partnership of universities across Canada, committed to delivering university-level programs that can be completed from anywhere in the country or beyond.)


Prairie West Recreation
Border Regional Library
Virden-Wallace Community Development Corporation
Town of Elkhorn
RM of Pipestone


The Manitoba Public Schools Act
Manitoba School Divisions and Districts
Manitoba Education and Youth
Manitoba Education Research & Learning Information Networks (Merlin)
Manitoba Education and Youth Educational Links
Manitoba Association of School Superintendents
Manitoba School Boards Association
Manitoba Teacher’s Society
Manitoba School Finder
Safe Schools Manitoba


CanLearn Interactive
(A one-stop Web-based resource that provides information, products and services to help Canadians decide what and where to study and how to cover the costs of their education in Canada or abroad.)

Council of Ministers of Education, Canada
Canada’s Schoolnet
Canadian Teachers’ Federation


(For over 53 years, the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) has been building quality study abroad programs and introducing students to new places, studies, and ways of thinking about others and themselves. IES is a global non-profit educational organization with programs in 22 cities throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America.)

Canada World Youth
(A leader in the field of non-formal international education. For more than 30 years, we have built ties with international partners from around the globe.)


WorldWide Classroom
(One of the largest international consortia of schools in the world. This site contains information on over 10,000 schools in 95 countries. Schools are conveniently listed both by country and by category.)