Student Services

Division Policy for Appropriate Education

The Fort La Bosse School Division Student Services Program will strive to provide for all students in the division, appropriate educational programming that fosters their participation in the learning and social life of the school. This means that:

  • Educational programming will be provided in the most enabling environment available. In the majority of cases, inclusion into the regular classroom would be expected.
  • Educational programs will be adapted, modified, or individualized when appropriate
  • The program planning process will involve a collaborative team approach, the team typically consisting of parents, educators, clinicians, support personnel, appropriate outside agencies and, if possible, the student.

Appropriate Education & Student Service Policies

Student Placement
Student Services
Clinician Services
Public Disputes About Student Service Programming Or Placement (R)
Individual Programs
Assessment of Threats/High Risk Student Behaviour
Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct – Regulations
Early Identification
Anaphylactic Students
Medical Assistance(E1)(E2)(E3)
Data/Records Retention
Student Records
Public’s Right to Know/Freedom of Information
Respect for Human Diversity*
School Division Records Management(R)(E)
Personalized Transportation Plan
School Related Activities

Student Service Supports


Transition Protocol


Protocol for Children in Care


Sensory Screen checklist

English as Additional Language

EAL Student Profile
EAL Support System Outline
EAL Home Language Inventory

Fort la Bosse Newcomer Registration Form
EAL Registration Checklist

Confidential EAL IAP Report


Classroom Profile

Student Profile

Response to Intervention Class Profile
Response to Intervention Student Profile

Resource Teachers

Parental Choice to Decline Service
Parent Survey Pre IEP Meeting
Permission for Modified Programming
Permission for Placement Outside Regular Class
Personal Transportation Plan current
Referral to Resource
Resource Teacher Assessment Report Notes

EA Evaluation

Brief Contact Record

BLANK Summary of Individual Needs By Classroom

Continuous Recording

Summary of Individual Needs By Classroom
Self-Assessing and SSP Meeting


Transition Plan


Anaphylaxis Health Care Plan

Asthma Health Care Plan

URIS Application

PROMISE Years – Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Preschool Speech

PY Referral form Sept 23 2014-1
Promise Years Brochure

Request for Release of Information from other agencies to FLBSD
Request for Release of Information from FLBSD to other Agencies
Behavior Observation Assessment Teaching Strategies

Student Services Brochure

Student Services Links

Student Services Administrator’s Association of Manitoba
Manitoba Council for Exceptional Children
Manitoba Education: Kindergarten to Grade 12
Manitoba Education: Educational Assistants in Manitoba
Manitoba Education: Educators’ Resource Guide: Supporting Students Who Are Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing
Manitoba Education: Working Together: Supporting Students in Transition: Sharing Student Information between First Nations and Provincial Schools

Roles within Student Services

Educational Assistant

Speech and Language Clinician

Promise Years Program Goals and Objectives


The goal of the program is to provide services to rural children and their families through a community-based partnership.

Program objectives include:

    • Increasing the number of children receiving service Enhancing the quality of parent/child relationships
      • Improving the ability of children to successfully function within their home, community and school
    • Enhancing the community awareness of services available
    • Enhancing the communication between parents and service providers
      • Improving the available therapy services for children


Provision of Student Services in Fort La Bosse School Division will be guided by Student Services Procedures outlined in the Student Services Handbook.